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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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so thank you and thank you to president kim. vice president mendoza. >> thank you. so this -- this has so much meaning, you guys have no idea what the resolution means to president kim and i. in particular, over the last couple of years, working closely with david golden and his staff at the facilities department, i just -- i do want to acknowledge david for the work he's done with us instead of against us. he has really opened up many conversation that is we have been able to have. and conversations we never been able to have before. so i really appreciate that -- every time we kind of came up with what seemed like a cookie idea, you were willing to hear us out and it is more of a normal conversation around opening up our schools to our fam leis to our community and really thinking about how the school district benefits the from that. and so, for me, this resolution is -- you know beyond just our
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surplus property. it is about all of our properties. it is also about you know, create going will if the community. and i think having our community members out -- ought to be able to say that. i live in bay view and live across from the gardens. what the gardens has done for a community along not only just that block but a -- the radius around the block has been tremendous. i know when i drive by our schools that i see they're either boarded up or fenced in and it just doesn't provide that level of welcome that -- this i think we all have been working really hard to change that perception and that image and to be welcoming. it starts with thing that are just very obvious and the bullets in the community. so i'm really excited about the what -- about what this means and the direction we're going in.รก"-are already going in.
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our assisted ability director is very exciting because it is not on us. we have someone that can make those kinds of things happen. this is the beauty. i will do a little shot out to the president. one of the things we have been able to do is work in different kinds of the larger city. he has been very good in the community. i have been able to facilitate this round of conversations with our city leaders. she is going to be one of the ones that will be working as she goes into her new role as one of the city leaders. it is the kind of conversations we are having with the mayor. with supervisor mirkarimi through child-care. the community developers are
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around affordable housing. particularly around the teacher housing. the conversations we had with our committee organizations as we formed around that to coordinate space and four memorandums of understanding so that everybody is welcomed into our schools. it speaks volumes to the work we have done over the years. i am grateful for our board members to have facilitated those conversations. to have been open to us being open. we had a conversation around the community project that we had when we open school yards on the weekends. it is a collaboration with the city. these are schools that have been identified as furthest away from open space. that allows the city to open up sites on the weekends.
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it has been a really wonderful partnership that we have had over the last two and a half years. whether it is our current schools or new schools, to increase opportunities is a top priority for us. the resolution will help us get closer and closer to that goal. i want to say thank-you to president kim for bringing this forward and being part of the resolution. this is an important priority for me as a board member and us as a staff. it is really important to make this a reality. >> commissioner malthus. commissioner maufas: may i echo what all of my other colleagues have said about this? this is indicative of every other president that i know that incorporates the community
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into the conversation and make sure that voices are heard through the policy. i am grateful that it has your stamp all over it. thank you, president kim. under the third resolve, the school and community gardens, was that supposed to be increasing access for students? is that correct? i absolutely believe and am grateful for the addition to the families added to the educator housing. because i know over time, sometimes what our intent is may be forgotten.
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this is never diminishing the value of low-income families. would it be possible and would you consider reversing an educator and family housing? maybe rewording this first sentenced to affordable educator housing that allows us to retain our teachers and parents professionals in addition to low income families who may leave san francisco because of housing prices? this is a low-income family just switching out. just that we understand that that is a priority. we are still at the discussion point. >> are there any objections?
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we will change this to educator and family housing under bullet points. affordable educator and family housing allows this. and then to better utilize this under educator and no family income housing. can we also changed proving to providing tax thank you for that. >> i think this is fantastic. thank you for the community speaking so powerfully and support of lee. -- supportively. >> everybody made me really sad. i am sad to be giving the district. i have enjoyed my four here -- four years here so much.
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i do not want to go to self congratulatory mode. the intelligence and creativity of the district leadership and so many of the activists and organizers that worked in the community. it is an honor to serve and represent in san francisco. i am proud of the fact that i think that our district has been taking on issues head-on and has been very honest about what our role is and what we need to get done and is open to being creative and more direct in terms of how we can make that happen. our largest and first priority is a statement. this resolution just wants to build upon the work we have already done. it is consolidating so many of the different ideas that have been in discussion for so long. around teacher housing, a rare
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imparting with art teacher-based organizations. that is what contributes to our achievement gap. thank you everybody to your support for our amendments. i am sorry. superintendent garcia. >> this directs the superintendent to create a few things. we are in a huge fiscal crisis. i do not want anybody to think that this is going to cost the ditch -- the district a ton of money. we have no money. most of the things we're talking about will generate funds or our cost neutral. we will have a lot of groups that will want to partner with us. when we partner with people, we are very clear on developing mou's in terms of what we expect
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from one another. it is a partnership. in order for this to be successful, it is important to invest time in the mou. this is important when we deal with schools. the little things are the things that are the things that are a good partnership, such as, who cleans up things? who maintains it? i am a nuts and bolts kind of guy. i know those things drive everybody up the walls. when we go off on these things and try to create a lot of them. we already have a lot. it is great to create more. we have to be honest about that and have those conversations. if anybody out there says that they're going to immediately set
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up shop, no. we have worked collaborative lead to set up some great programs. the schools belong to the community. they should be the center of a community. we cannot afford to have any partnerships not be successful. that is shame on all of us. let's do it right or just not do it. do not take it personal when we do not have questions. that is good quality work. i look forward to having those kinds of partnerships. i think it is ethically win for everybody in our city. you are going to create the vision statement and the guiding principle. the plan is not committed. we would like to improve them.
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we hope to set the priorities with the district over the course of this year. the direction is to have a vision statement of all of the great ideas and plans we have been putting together. we actually have some principles that guide us. that has not always been the case in terms of how we do these partnerships with the surplus and underutilized properties. thank you so much to everybody and the staff that spent time on this policy resolution as well. roll call, please. vice-president mendoza: yes. commissioner norton: yes. president kim: yes. thank you.
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>> is it possible for me to sever some things from the consent calendar. neither the calendar nor the severed items have been voted on yet. thank you. >> which items would you like to sever? >> i will like to sever k 18 and 256. president kim: we move on to item k which is general public
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comment on matters. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, members of the board of education. i want to thank the board for reaffirming the educator housing as a goal and a priority. the reason i rose to speak is that we are very pleased to announce that the union and the district reached a tentative agreement to move professionals and to social security. the eradication of this policy will go out to the active paraprofessionals. we expect to have this resolved in the first week in january. i want to announce the hard work of the union team and the district team. we look forward to continue working with the district to assure a decent retirement for these hard working members of our school community.
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thank you very much. president kim: thank you. thank you for the union leadership. item k is advisory committee reports. there are none tonight. there is a special order of business. i call a public hearing to the tentative agreement between the district and the international professionals in district 21? do i hear a second? >> thank you, president kim. thank you for your leadership. the requested action is that the board of education conduct a public hearing over the public disclosure documents subject to the revocation approval. i am pleased to announce that they have ratified. the public disclosure document
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is submitted for board approval. president kim: thank you. i have no public speakers on this item. any comments from board members? superintendent? roll call. commissioner maufas: yes. vice-president mendoza: yes. commissioner wynns: yes. commissioner yee: aye. president kim: yes. >> that is five ayes. commissioner yee: i would like to thank the bargaining teams as well as our local officer. president kim: next is a review and adoption of the five-year report relating to the expenditure development fees. we have a motion and a second.
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do we have a reading of the recommendation? >> good evening, commissioners. i am my staff would like to wish president kim the best of luck as she moves on to the next phase of her career. we enjoyed having you on the committee can look forward to somebody equally as talented an exciting as your replacement. as a premier, each year has a new -- as a requirement of the government code, we are required to have the development impact report to this board for review and approval. it is one of the world's most exciting -- excited documents. most of the time the superintendent gives me the eye and says to be extremely brief on this. last year, the document was so dry, the comments from the
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commissioners were, what is this? in order to get the order to write more creatively, we try to make this more understandable, but it still will not make the best-seller list. this will document how much money in developer fees we collected in the fiscal year and lays out a guideline and a plan for a five-year expenditure list that is not locked in stone and is not fixed and indicates some desire and ability to appropriateness for the kind of use as they are meant for. one of the things you will notice if you look at this report is the amount of money we collect and last year, which is indicative of the economic times we are in. in a previous year, we have collected between $6 million and
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$8 million a year. last year, we collected $1.4 million. that tells you how many developers commercially and residential lee are collecting fees. that number can only go up and hopefully future reports will be better. hopefully, this has no negative findings and will have a detailed report of what we spent our money on. the requested action is that the board of education in the san francisco identified school district review and adopt the impact fee and five-year reports from june 30, 2010. the attached report dated november 19, 2010 relates to the collection and expenditure of development fees with expertise of such report as a requirement of the government code this report is posted on the public
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site for public purview. i will be happy to answer questions. president kim: i have no public speakers signed up for this item. any comments from the board? commissioner yee: just one clarification on this. this is basically a balance as we go forward of 18,700,730. there's also an escrow. why do we have a balance? what is the escrow? >> the very simple answer. some years ago, the district was a participant in a class-action lawsuit. it was brought against the district, essentially for our right to collect developer
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impact fees. the lawsuit was concluded and the district placed a certain amount of money in an escrow account to which certain developers were entitled to a refund and could collect that within a certain amount of time. when that time has passed, $1.9 million was set aside. the balance of 1.2 was returned to the district from the escrow account. $20,000 were left to clear up some miscellaneous expenditures. >> could i have a follow? at this point, there is no escrow account. >> contains $20,000 to clean up miscellaneous expenditures. >> the second part of the balance is the developer fee
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fund is divided into two accounts. one is currently restricted account that contains approximately $10 million. it is dedicated to the school yards. the balance of the count, roughly $7 million, is committed to a full range of projects including the corridor building that we were constructing at o'connell high school. it is an example of what we are doing for the new programs. >> thank you. president kim: roll call, please. commissioner maufas: yes. vice-president mendoza: yes. commissioner wynns: aye. commissioner yee: aye. president kim: yes. thank you.
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the next is the california department of education school card establishment for the emerging schools from the 2011- 2012 school year. do we have a motion and a second? they we have a reading of the recommendations by officials? >> although i am not as smooth as him, i would like to express my thanks and well wishes to commissioner kim, especially in your support of alternative schools. the school district approves an application for get away to college to be submitted to the california department of education to establish a state schools code and alternate school of choice. >> i have no public speakers on this item. comments from the board and staff? vice-president mendoza. vice-president mendoza: i think
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this is such a great idea, so thank you. president kim: roll call, please. commissioner maufas: yes. vice-president mendoza: yes. commissioner wynns: aye. >> i did not hear you. commissioner yee: aye. president kim: yes. thank you. we have already heard the appointment of the board members to the san francisco board of education. we are now at item m, which is discussion of the other a educational issues. we have the consent calendar rules of resolutions. item o, vote on the consent calendar. roll call, please. commissioner maufas: yes. vice-president mendoza: yes, except on items nine, 11, 14, 16
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-- is that one of the ones? 27, 29, 33, 34, 37, 48, and 49. there was a significant number of resolutions in this packet. commissioner wynns: aye. commissioner yee: aye. president kim: yes. we have a few that a separate tonight. 18 and 36, would you like to take them together or separate?
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commissioner wynns: j18 is a resolution for a private school services from a consultant. a different consultant, not the one here mentioned that used to be a member of the school district has pointed out that she does not believe we do the appropriate and required evaluation of principles. i just want to ask that somebody looking into that, that we get a report about the process that we use. i do not think we are purposely doing it. educators think of this as superficial as opposed to significant and as serious as it should be.
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that is my only question. i am perfectly happy with this. i recently had some documentation that was sent to me. >> commissioner wynns, i will make sure that you get that report. commissioner maufas: yes. vice-president mendoza: yes. commissioner wynns: yes. commissioner yee: aye. president kim: yes. this is on page 199. >> i think this is partners in school renovation. i am very happy with this. i am more interested in the
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overarching concept. what i want to know is, i want to know this later, i want to know what do we talked about in our planning? the assessment of what they do that helps schools improve and help our building capacity to do some of this themselves. what are we doing that a system level. not just that they're doing a good job of helping the school. i appreciate that. the whole point of a grant which is to help low performing schools to improve is that we should learn some lessons from that. not just say, we are great, but we cannot do it without them. there are a whole bunch of these contracts. this is just one. it happens to be one that is an
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outstanding organization that i am very supportive of. we have not had any discussion in our review of the strategic plan and how we are going to look at the models that we use. even though i have to confess, i did not read it word for word. the review of the proposals does not address that either. >> thank you. i am going to say a few things. you were absolutely right that one of the major points of the grant is to build internal capacity. you will see that we are building school site capacity at the teacher level, at the leadership level at the school site. also at the


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